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4 Part Color Homegrown Cali Crusher Grinder Standard Size

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4 Part Color Homegrown Cali Crusher Grinder Standard Size
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The 4 Part Color Homegrown Cali Crusher Grinder Standard Size is a premium quality American made grinder that comes equipped with many unique features that many other similar models simply cannot match.

The Cali Crusher Homegrown Series Grinder is constructed from ultrasonically cleansed 6061-T6 aerospace medical grade aluminum that will provide years of use without showing an ounce of wear.

Each of these grinders come stocked with Cali Crusher's one of a kind radial cut blades that are virtually indestructible and guaranteed to last for life. This unique blade layout allows for a larger loading capacity without sacrificing performance.

Cali Crusher also removes the thread design commonly seen on most 4 part grinders and replaces it with their unique 4 way quicklock structure. This innovative design requires just a quarter turn to lock & open the device and completely eliminates the possibility of jams and cross-threading.

If all of that is still not enough for you, the Cali Crusher 4 Part Homegrown Grinder Standard Size also comes equipped with a set of neodymium rare earth magnets that are some of the strongest known to man, your grinder will remain closed at all times even after nasty drops and falls. The stainless steel sifting screen is 100% removable, allowing you to easily clean, upgrade or repair when necessary. Finally, Cali Crusher implements a pollen collection tray that is nearly twice the size than your average grinder's catch. This extremely deep tray allows you to collect a substantial amount of pollen and it features rounded edges for easy removal.

Cali Crusher's Homegrown Standard Size measures in at 2.2" tall by 2.35" in diameter (~60mm).

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