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4 Part RYOT Wooden GR8TR Grinder

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The GR8TR RYOT 4 Piece All Wood Grinder/Sifter is the latest grinder for dry blends from RYOT that combines GR8TR technology with an all wood design.

This grinder has for removable layers that together create three compartments, each with their own purpose. Every layer is secured with a combination of magnets and wooden posts that together create an extremely reliable closure.

Open the top lid and you have a deep dish grind chamber complete with the patented GR8TR Micro Teeth. These teeth however have an all wood design that is quite durable and shreds your material with ease.

Beneath your material collects on a 60 mesh stainless steel sifting screen. This will separate a fine pollen quality from your blends and drop it into the bottom compartment.

There you have a deep polished rounded dish where there is enough room to collect for some time. The smooth rounded edges makes removing every last bit quick and simple.

Each RYOT grinder is constructed from a heavy duty Acacia wood that lasts long and is guaranteed to never warp. If you're in the market for a wooden grinder that performs and will last than look no further this ones for you.

Dimensions: ~ ~3" Tall x 2.5" Wide

  • 1 x RYOT 4 Piece GR8TR Grinder
  • 1 x Travel Bag

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