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3 Part PokeBall Grinder 2.2"

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The 3 Part PokeBall Grinder 2.2" is an innovative grinder for dried herbs and spices that sports the design of the original PokeBall from the hit TV series Pokemon.

This discreet herbal grinder features a 3 part design that is made up of a 2 part grind chamber with bottom storage compartment for pollen collection.

The red and white sections of the PokeBall grinder are held together by a strong set of magnets that will hold the grinder closed at all times, perfect for use while traveling.

When ready to grind, simply pull the two halves of the grinder apart to reveal the grind chamber. This area is comprised of two layers of strategically placed diamond shaped teeth that will shred through nearly any type of material you throw at it including dense or moist herbs and spices.

Once you have achieved the perfect consistenct allow your herbs and spices to remain within the grinder as they sit upon a stainless steel sifting screen that will filter any pollen that separates from your blend where it will then be transferred into the bottom collection compartment.

This pollen collection chamber can be quickly and easily accessed using just two fingers to unscrew the bottom layer of teeth, revealing an extremely deep bottom chamber that makes extraction as easy as can be. 

The Pokemon themed herbal grinder is constructed from a durable anodized aluminum and it comes complete in a hard black box that makes a great gift box or storage container for protection during travel.

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